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In theory, smart light switches are great because they can add intelligent functionality to any and all lights connected to the switch.In fact, installing a smart light switch means you have to install it, which involves the problem of wires. If you don't like the idea that your house could burn down, we have another option that you might want to see.SimplySmart Home's Switchmate Smart Light switch cover can be used for rocker and toggle light switches, which can be installed on your existing switches in a matter of seconds. You will get all the smart features you need not to touch a wire! 

1 second installation does not require tools, no wires, no professional help, all batteries are included! Magnetically attach screws to existing wall panels-simply break and go where appropriate! 
Rocker light switch, suitable for homeowners, apartment occupants, renters and students. The smooth design covers the existing wall panels for a clean appearance. 
Application-controlled timers and remote switches are added to the existing light switches, and a built-in manual switch is included to facilitate the control of lights on the wallboard. 
Google Assistant compatible with Voice Control-can also match Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility through SimplySmart Home. 
Free SWITCHMATE applications are free to download for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Ken Lee, product manager at Kanguru, said: "the new Kanguru hyperlock USB- c M.2 NVMe SSDs combine cutting-edge interface technology with high-quality SSDs to create one of the fastest USB storage devices on the market today." "when combined with NVMe SSDs, customers will be in awe of ultra-high speed + performance." Of course, we retained the physical write protection switch and the security firmware, which is the basis of the UltraLock product line. " 

With SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity, the new Kanguru UltraLock NVMe SSD can achieve sequential read speeds of 675 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 575 MB/s, making it one of the fastest USB storage devices on the market. 

With super speed + transfer speed, this drive provides unparalleled additional functionality.Secure firmware prevents BadUSB malware attacks by third parties, and UltraLock is the only external SSD with physical write protection switch in the world, ideally protecting your critical data from viruses or accidental overrides. 

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For more information about Kanguru, visit or dial 1-888-KANGURU. 

Kanguru Solutions ( is a global leader in the production of high-quality data storage products, providing the best military grade, FIPS 140-2 certification, hardware encryption, secure USB drives, and fully integrated remote management security applications. Kanguru also produces standard USB data storage drives with physical write protection switches, as well as replication devices for cloning hard drives, ssd, Blu-ray, dvd, and so on. 

Both devices are spherical cylinders. Routers are slightly larger than these points, only white, while smaller points have three colors: snow, fog, and sand. They are made of matte plastic and are almost as uncharacteristic as Wi-Fi routers. I think each light is about the same size and shape as those aromatherapy candle cans, just as the first Google family was ridiculed as an air freshener. 

As a smart speaker, these ideas have a lot in common with the new Nest Mini Smart Speaker released today. They have a lot of the same internal components, but this is slightly higher than Nest Mini, which means it has more internal space to make more sound. It's still a single speaker driver, and it still doesn't sound as good as Amazon Echo or Google Home, but it's just a little richer than a typical mini speaker. 

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It also shares Nest Mini's main party tips: when you reach for it, it lights up, telling you that the volume and play / pause touch area is at the top. But the more interesting light is at the bottom: when it is activated and listens to you, it projects a circle of white light below the point-a bit like a driving light on a car. 

Google announced Tuesday the launch of Nest Wifi, an upgrade to the company's popular mesh router system, Google Wifi. The system consists of a Nest Wifi router that can be plugged into a modem and a separate Nest Wifi node. The Nest Wifi node can extend the coverage of the signal wirelessly. 

In addition to spreading fast Internet signals in your home, Nest Wifi promises to spread the voice-activated intelligence of Google assistants in your home. That's because every nesting point is now a fully functional Google assistant sm.

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