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Today's wireless networks are easier than ever, and there are many standards to choose from.But if you just want to cut the rope, you don't need anything carefully designed. A few years ago, Roman Black (Roman Black) experimented with cheap RF modules you could find on auction sites and redundant electronics suppliers for just a few dollars, and he wrote down his findings. They're worth seeing. 

These modules have power and antenna pins, transmitter input (TX) and receiver output (RX).What TX does is turn the carrier on and off, and the RX output reports the carrier status.[Roman] first use a 50% duty cycle square wave to describe the consistency of RX and TX.Good match below 1khz. At higher frequencies, RX cannot maintain 50% of the carrier. He found that sending 1200 bps from one USART worked under good conditions-resulting in 83 bytes per second. 

The protocol is changed to long-short, pulse period protocol, where 1 and 0 send 150 and 100 usec, respectively, to get better results. He reached maximum throughput of about 800 bytes per second. 

This is an interesting experiment that shows the protocols used in the media, in which case simple CW RF, has a great impact on data transmission. [Romans] reach a distance of 20 meters through the wall, which is a good distance with cheap hardware. Is there a better deal? 

The history of consumer electronics is filled with devices that are relatively uninteresting at first, but once a few elites figure out how everything works, they become spectacular platforms for hardware development. Linksys WRT54G is just a router until someone comes up with how to install a complete Linux system on it. The RTL-SDR encryption dogs were only used to capture them on aerial television until someone realized that they were actually a software-defined radio. CueCat was just marketing junk for the Internet boom until.Well, we still picked up a lot of CueCat. 

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Now, Wal-Mart has a new device on its shelves, waiting for some Linux hackers to try it. It's a Tzumi MagicTV, device that allows you to watch wireless TV on your phone. What's in there? It is a WiFi router, a RTL-SDR, and a small battery pack. The best part? It sells for $13, and Wal-Mart is clearly trying to sell them out. 

At the moment, there are not many details about what happened in the Tzumi MagicTV box, but the discussion of RTLSDR has revealed enough information to let us know what happened. The router inside MagicTV is exactly the same as the WiFi router that replaced WRT54G as the "king of crackable routers" a few years ago. SDR chip is the same as Astrometa DVB-T2, the latter is a commonly used TV tuner. In addition, there are TX and RX pins on the board, SSH is open, no one knows the password, but at the time of writing this article, some people are letting John the Ripper crack the box. 

What is the ultimate goal of opening this Linux box? Well, it's a WiFi router and a SDR, so if you want to make your own Flightaware ADS-B recorder, you can put it on the table. Of course, you can also use it to achieve your goal of pulling wireless TV to your local network, but it seems too common because you bought a $13 box at Wal-Mart. 

In this blog post, he introduced a simple set of AT commands and some of the limitations of the HC-12 section. Then he took it and rotated on his four-axis aircraft and found that his device could fly 450 meters on an open field.Finally, he connected the radio to the telemetry system on the four-axis aircraft and connected the other end to his mobile phone through a Bluetooth device to form a sweet end-to-end system that cost him about $20 and up to 700 meters. 

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The secret of [Pawe] success seems to be some handmade antennas that reduce the baud rate to a reasonable 9600 baud. We would like to know if there is room for improvement in the use of directional antennas on the ground (or for reasons?).What do you say, the Matrix Antenna Knight? 

You can also look at this very similar version, where ESP8266 replaces the Bluetooth module. Hide them all in a beautiful wooden box! Well done. 

A team of electrical engineers from (UCI) at the University of California, Irvine, solved the question of whether wireless systems can achieve the high performance and speed achieved by optical fiber networks. The result is a 4. 4 mm2 wireless silicon chip, raising the radio frequency to 100 GHz, four times the standard speed of 5G wireless communications. For this reason, the team said the chip "exceeded 5G". 

Due to the increasing interest in the application of wireless technologies such as the Internet of things, self-driving cars and streaming high-definition video, there is a growing demand for transceivers to deal with high-frequency data communications.

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