Gate Opener Operating Principle


1. Hinged type: It is the first remote-controlled electric folding door opener installed on the hinge of the door in China. It appeared in the early 1990s. At present, it is relatively rare on the market.

2. Buried type: Installed under the hinges of the door body, it will not damage the door body and the surrounding environment. It is divided into hydraulic and mechanical models, most of which are imported from Europe. Maximum single door width 4.0 meters, maximum door weight 800KG, maximum opening angle 180 degrees. Because it will not damage the door body and surrounding environment, it is the most widely used door opener at present.

3. Push rod type: wall-mounted installation, divided into hydraulic and mechanical models, the maximum opening angle 105 degrees. Electrical and mechanical models are suitable for open frequency applications, single door width less than 5 meters. Hydraulic type is suitable for door body with high opening frequency and single door width less than 7 meters. At present, it is the most widely used door opener.

4. Walking wheel type: Installation at the bottom of the middle of the door body, running close to the ground. The maximum opening angle depends on the installation position of the limiter, which is suitable for the application of the opening frequency. Because of its low cost, it is suitable for general courtyard doors.

5. Closer type: It is installed at the top beam of the door body. The installation method is similar to that of ordinary door closer. It is suitable for frequent opening and can be used with access card brushing. With the development of economy, the door opener has gradually become a product for people to realize the automation of the door, because it can realize intelligent management and digital management. It has ended the era of asking people to get off and open the door. It is a great social progress, improved the quality of people's life and work efficiency, and is safe and convenient.

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